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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 3, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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the little girl was at school on thursday and when she didn't return home that afternoon, her foster parents called police. this friend was with her just before she got on the bus thursday after school. >> we were talking, and then that's the last time i seen her. >> now the tears wash over this community in mourning. >> at it heartbreaking to now that a teenage girl ended up dead in a park here. >> the sadness here served as a call for action. >> it brings a lot back for me, just because of me being in that place, being someone who was abducted. >> sanchez was only eight when she was kidnapped in vallejo. now she helps families of missing or murdered children heal. she is reaching out to he
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13-year-old's family to offer her support. >> she was a baby. she has a family that loves her. she hatt has friends that love her that she went to school with. 13-year-old are supposed to be involved in sports and get golden gate grades. reporter: and missy sanchez is offering to help the family. live in fairfield tonight, lisa amin gulezian. abc7 news. >> ama: the city of oakland and the organizer of the popular arts festival will meet to discuss safety measures after a shooting killed one person. three more were injured at the first friday celebration on telegraph avenue. an 18-year-old was killed. a 17-year-old boy and two women are expected to survive. more than ten thousand people attended the event celebrating local artists. we're just hours away from
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super bowl xlvii, and the excitement is brewing, both here and in new orleans. we have team coverage tonight. mike shumann is live in new orleans but we begin here in san francisco with abc7 news reporter john alston. >> we're here in one of the areas police are expecting crowds in addition to the mission, as welling a north beach. the plan is when the fans compiling out of bars, the federal people they see are the police. this is what happened last year after the world series. the next test for san francisco police will come tomorrow. the department will have more than 100 extra officers on duty. the chief is reminding partiers there well be more eyes watching them than just the police. >> when you're mugging for a camera, there's other cameras looking at you and the time to be contrite for acting out isn't when you have a felony charge. it's before hand. >> there are less serious
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preparations tonight. at this cake shop they're turning out cakes and cookies and cupcakes. >> 49ers cupcakes. >> the cupcakes will be a crucial part of mary's super bowl party tomorrow. >> whoever can get closest to how long the national anthem is going to be without going over gets a cupcake, 49ers cupcake. >> the game is also inspiring artists. it took clayton a week to do this portrait. >> i call it rebirth. >> he also created art on his head. using a red hair coloring, sheers, three mirrors and a steady hand. >> this i a sandwich. they slice the meats and cheese at the deli on gulf street.
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>> spicey turk ey, cajun turkey, every meat in the book. >> but there's one thing. as the sign says, don't tell them you're rooting for the ravens. >> what happens if a bat moore ravens fan comes in? they go to subway. straight up. none for baltimore. >> no boar'shead for you. just like world series, tomorrow cans. >> as to where all the action will be, mike shumann is live in new orleans. hi, shu. >> mike: well, one 49er and one railder but no eddie debar toll low. the football hall of fame voted in seven new members and mr. debartolo was not selected. there will be some red and gold,
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larry allen, two-time pro bowl selection from sonoma state was voted in. his first year eligible spent most of his career with the cowboys but finished with the 49ers. another first ballot induct yi, warren sapp will be ensome -- enshrined. >> there's no question in my mind that eddie debartolo belongs in the hall of fame. when you look at the owners in there he is at the top of the list. i hope people understand he was the best owner in the history of professional sports. >> mike: well, i have to agree with jed. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman has been everywhere. the french quarter, bourbon street, but tonight he is outside of new orleans and with his people, the swamp people.
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>> 15 miles southwest of new orleans, ever here of lafayette louisiana? a place where even the super bowl is an afterthought. >> what's the big attraction? >> alligators. >> we're entering the heart of louisiana swampland darkness. boat loads venture here. >> it's awesome but creepy. >> these animals are -- -- >> they're real? >> real. >> real enough to touch and hold. >> must be on something right now. >> thanks to the the navigating skills of captain james beasley, they're right off the side. >> pet them? >> no. wouldn't mind a pocketbook. >> it's all part of the john la fitte national preserve, and the al gators are protected but you haven't seen a big one yet. >> oh, my god. >> now you have. here's a closeup look at the dominant male in these parts.
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he is almost 11 feet long. >> how old? >> 67 years. >> how big? >> 11 feet, probably 400, 500-pounds. >> somebody you don't want to tangle with. >> don't mess with him. >> they tell us he didn't move because it was 70 degrees and the water is cold. you wonder how we got this shot? our brave cameraman, randy davis. do not try this at home, especially in a bayou in louisiana. >> mike: oh, my. wayne has done an unbelievable john along with randy davis. coming up later, we'll look back at the fun we had with the 49er players, and i'm going to make my prediction. that's later on. >> ama: layer, katie, shu, and wayne, are sending out updates including this one of the view
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from the superdome. during the game, follow our team in new orleans on twitter and facebook for the best up to the minute coverage of what is happening on and off the field. whatever happens on sunday night, abc7 news will be here to cover it. we'll be on right after the game with live coverage from the bay area and new orleans. >> coming up later this hour we'll head to colin cap per inning's hometown. for now, let's go to leigh glaser. people i guess aren't too worried about the weather because most people are watching the game. >> leigh: better be watching the game. the live doppler 7hd showing a few high clouds and that is what you can expect tomorrow afternoon. atit's getting cold. 49 in san francisco. 49, oakland. livermore, 47. holding 50s for mountain view as well as san jose. we have reports of dense fog in
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the north bay. we'll look ahead to when we'll see showers here. >> ama: still to come, a dramatic beach rescue in the north bay and the good samaritans who helped save a life. >> the photo of president obama that is stirring up a lot of controversy tonight. >> later this hour, tired of not getting enough
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>> ama: the chowshouse released a photo of president obama skeet shooting today. the image stops questions about whether the president ever fired a gun. he shot clay pigeons at camp david. the photo became public when the. is campaigning. the nra is not impressed. it.
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>> a group of good samaritans helped save the life of a map struggled in the surf at system son beach this afternoon. sergio equip tan na talked to witnesses and has the story. reporter: this is cell phone video of the helicopter dispatched to airlift a man after he was pulled from the surf at the beach. the photographer said surfers came to the map's rescue. >> three people surfing there, and one guy calling for help. reporter: witnesses say the surfers pulled the man out of the water ask then started yelling for home. some people on the beach pitched in. in that group were two people, doctor and a nurse, and they quickly started administering cpr in this picture shot by another person at the beach you can see a huld of people around the map in distress. according to the marin county fire department he may have suffered a heard attack in the water.
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quick action by the surfers saved his life and also the doctor and nurse were in the right place in the right time. >> the man and woman doing cpr, and the guy, they call him, dave, dave, and he start breathe. but -- okay. >> authorities did not release the identities of the good samaritans, same for the man who was pulled from the water. he was airlifted to doctor's medical center? san pablo. marin county fire says he was awake and talking when he was being loaded into the helicopter. sergio anyone -- quintana. >> there's a warning about sneaker waves on northern california beaches. the national weather service has called a hazard alert. sneaker waves rise up out of nowhere and can sweep people into the surf. >> checking on the weather now. leigh, it's been cooler today
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than earlier this week. >> leigh: remember on friday we had temperatures near 70 degrees across parts of the bay area. today we came down considerably thanks to some clouds moving across the bay area. you can see live doppler 7hd showing a few high clouds, lower clouds, sitting just near the coast. also have reports of very dense fog developing, especially in the north bay. check out towards the livermore valley yeah, ten miles visibility, just in the last how much it's diminished down to four miles so we'll look for pockets pockets of dense fog off and on throughout the valleys and tomorrow morning you may recall this morning we had numerous years of dense fog and it took some time for that to lift. right now 49, san francisco. 50 in san jose. with an overcast sky there so look for the passing clouds. pockets of dense fog overnight. it will stick around in the
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morning and then get ready for sunshine tomorrow afternoon. hazy sunshine for supersunday, and then as we look ahead towards the latter past of next week, that's when the big cooldown will take place and also a chance of showers. so, lows tonight in the north bay. mid-to-upper 30s, and mid-40s near san francisco with the fog ask low cloudiness. here's the satellite radar come composite. look at southern california, a little upper level low bringing in moisture but as the high clouds stream north across the bay area, we have cloud off the coast so this is going to sandwich over us overnight. high pressure will strengthen a little more tomorrow to bring us more of a northerly wind component. so late in the afternoon, that's when the low clouds will start to scour out. so hazy sunshine for tomorrow. enjoy it.
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high will be with us on monday and thursday,by wednesday, thu, we'll start to feel cooler air sinking in. new orleans, all eyes on you, the forecast, partly cloudy, upper 60s, and may even see some showers or rain chances monday afternoon. still, quite balmy at 68. here's a look at our numbers for tomorrow. enjoy. hazy sunshine. temperatures in the 60s. 64 for cloverdale. 62-san rafael. 60, san francisco. concord, 65. 6 for fremont. you see there as well as san jose. and we'll look for santa cruz, morning overcast and afternoon sunshine. 63. the accuweather seven day forecast. high clouds for monday. by tuesday, slight cooling begins. wednesday, thursday, and friday, boy, it's going to be b-r-r-r around here, in the 50s. thickening clouds thursday, leading to a chance of showers returning by friday, and
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possibly next weekend. >> ama: thank you, leigh. let's go back out to new orleans. that's where shu is live with sports tonight. hi, shu. >> mike: hey, guys. the 2013 pro football hall of fame announced seven new members today. and the sharks trying to immove -- improve to 8-0.bñ?xús1@ú?
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>> mike: the pro football hall of fame celebrate its 50th 50th year today by inducting seven new members. unfortunately did not include tim brown, charles haley ored de debartolo but larry allen got the nod. he spent most of his career with the cowboys but finished off in san francisco, went to sonoma state. the first player drafted out of that school. warren sapp will represent the
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silver and black. played 13 seasons, final four with the raiders. he had 96-1/2 career sacks. >> my feet have not touched the ground for 30 minutes. we played a ultimate team sport and this is the ultimate examination on an individual. >> broke down and started crying. >> larry allen started crying? >> yes, sir. >> mike: the other induct yous, chris carter, dave robinson, and ogden, and the first-time nominee, the rave residence' first draft pick, and head coach bill parcells, won two super bowls with the giants. sharks looking to stay unbeaten tonight as they're taking on the predators. see how they did. they come into the game 7-0. before todd mclellan happy with the team reside performance. sharks trail in the third. the backhander.
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for the third straight game it was decided in a shootout. sharks now 7-0-1 on the season, 2-1 the final. >> golden state is at home in phoenix. the lane drive. jammed home. steph curry missed the last two games with a strained ankle. strong in his return. 29 for mr. currie, and the warriors win 113-93. we'll take our final time-out before the super bowl and, as we continue, we're going to take a look at all the fun we have been having down here at the super bowl. the sights and sounds and as wacky as they were, my
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>> mike: we have had a lot of fun this week in new orleans as we get ready for
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super bowl xlvii. so let's take a look back. >> superhero, you know it, super bowl. >> you know it. >> superdome. >> superdome. >> got everything. >> the list goes on. >> i don't know how many questions i'm going to give y'all. >> it's sublime in is essence. >> how did you get in here? >> played before. >> want to interview me? no? >> woo-hoo. yeah! >> some big name wants to interview me. >> you are mike shumann. you talk about niner receivers. the catch? the grab. this is the grab right here. shu, good to see you back at the super bowl. >> mike: it's great to be back. what's your superpower? >> superhero. >> what's your pick? >> well, i say it -- >> you want to take that responsibility? >> mike: i won't take it.
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>> really. by how many? now, everybody thinks this is an easy job. interview me. this is your forward. -- this your forward. >> how are you doing? i have the privilege of be interviewing -- >> it's not that ease -- easy. >> piece of cake. i can scratch my underarm and do this. >> oh, that's right, you went to nebraska, and the n stands for knowledge. >> not to mention -- >> we appreciate your time. >> i mean, wear ourselves out talking to you. >> where you get all the knowledge? >> it's a gift. >> you better be nice to me. when i'm gone nobody will ever know you played nor 49ers. >> mike: all right. just a sample of the fun we have had. and this abc7 sports report.
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here's my prediction. my instinct as a former player will not let me pick a quarterback who has only started nine games in the season so i'm picking the ravens to upset the 49ers. break out the hater-ade. i hope i'm wrong but i just can't get past that. so, this will be on my obit. ravens 23-20. i hope i'm wrong, and we'll see you tomorrow. >> sounds good, shu, and we'll always know you played for the 49ers. see you tomorrow. >> mike: all right. >> ama: and don't forget abc7 team coverage will continue from new orleans. we'll have a special report right after the game with live coverage from the bay area and new orleans. >> 49ers fan fever isn't limited to the bay area or even on the ground. 49er fans are showing their spirit underwater.
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this diver is dressed to win at the aquarium of the bay. and the crew on the u.s. georgee h.w. bush is currently in training somewhere in the atlantic, looking forward to the super bowl. you can e-mail your photos photo >> still to come at 11:00, the excitement as the hometown hero colin kaepernick gets ready for his super bowl. >> the move to bring major sporting events to the may area, and the bay area study that finds major connection
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>> ama: good evening. in tonight's headlines, police in fairfield continue to gather includes in the death of a 13-year-old girl. the victim was found naked in a park yesterday morning. he she was at school on thursday but never return to her foster parent' house. >> one person was and i would three injured at the oakland arts festival. it prompted police and festival organizers to talk about how to prevent it from happening again. >> man who may have suffered a heart attack was pulled to safety at the beach. surfers were the good samaritans saw the man in distress and came to his rescue. a doctor and nurse were on hand to give cpr. >> 11 people in turkey are reported by being questioned tonight in the connection with the death of a new york mother of two. the body of sarai sierra was found today. she was vacationing alone. she told her family she would be home 12 days ago but never got
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on the flight leaving turkey. turkish police detained and released a man who was to meet with sierra the day she vanished. >> developing news out of a.m. tonight a five-year-old boy remains locked in an underground bunker but the man with the gun who snatched him off the school bus. the little boy has been allowed to receive some meds, toys, and even some potato chips. here's the latest. reporter: this alabama community keeps vigil as a five-year-old named ethan spends a five night in an underground bunker with a man who abducted him. >> all we can do is meet up and ing out>> he is coming out of tt bunker. >> the bunker has an electric heater, stocked with food and water. >> he has allowed to us provide color books, medication, toys. i want to thank him for taking care of our child. that's very important. reporter: police did not say
2:36 am
what kind of medication was put town the pipe they used to talk with dykes but ethan reportedly has adhd and a form of autism. the 65-year-old survivalist grabbed the bay off his school bus on tuesday. one of the other passengers said dykes gave the driver a note before he shot him dead. >> i just want two kids, he said. >> one of dykes' neighbors wishes he told someone about dykes'' bizarre behavior the week before. >> not warning the neighbors of his tendencies. >> officials don't think dykes has physically harmed the boy. ethan turns six next week and is uncertain if he will be home for his birthday. >> gangs and have i -- 2012 was an historically deadly greer san
2:37 am
jose. city officials say the only way to improve is to get the community involved. >> the community coming together for a variety of reasons. some because they want find out what they can do to prevent crime in their neighborhoods. there's been a spike in crime throughout the bay area. and dealing with fewer resources, the community becomes even more important in getting involved, knowing their neighbors, doing things to prevent crime. >> getting out of gangs to neighborhood safety were topics. more than 300 people attended. >> oakland mayor jean quan is washing recycle plant openers if they want the city's contracts they need to treat people well. the comment came after a meeting of recycle workers, they had grieve vans on low bay, unhealthful work situations and bosses that retaliate. >> we have contracts coming up and we have been having a hard time getting competition going so in the next two years he'll be letting out a new contract
2:38 am
and get competition between the companies. private competition picks people up. >> we con teactd all four companies who own oakland's recycling plant. none of them gave us a response the workers' claims. >> the city of oakland is putting parking rates just in time for the chinese new year. parking garages will charge $2 to park monday through friday. it's part of a pilot program to bring more business to the city's china town district. >> san francisco mayor ed lee is looking for ways the city can cash in on major sporting events. he wants to establish a permanent nonprofit organization to help bring future events here, including the 2024 olympic games. the mayor said the idea grew out of recent efforts to raise up to $20 million to help cover the city's costs for hosting the america's cup this summer. >> the city of temperature -- turlock is raising money in
2:39 am
honor of colin kaepernick. temperature loch has turn into a cap per neck kingdom. his number, school pictures and posters are everywhere. >> he was really good at sports. also very shy. that's how i remember him. >> everybody says he is humble. a good kid. smart student. a great kid. >> kaepernick will surely approve where the money raised is going, it's being fulled into their town's education fund. >> the one thing to help-door -- to do to get some shuteye. >> leigh: we'll take one last look at live doppler 7hd before we say good night this evening. plus look ahead to big weather
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>> ama: an emotional moment when the families of human organ and tissue donors and recipients dedicated a memorial. a tree of life was unveiled.
2:43 am
each leaf of the try is indescribed with names of those who dough it's inned part of themselves. >> he was a hero to us every day, and we knew that in his passing he could be a hero to others. so he chose to donate. >> according to the hospital there are ten thousand people in northern california waiting for organs. of those, an average of 18 people die every day while waiting for a transplant. sweets. we all do it and need it. berkeley looks at how it too affect your memory. >> science citi discover what is happening at night is the key to why memories fade. it's not how much you sleep but what kind of sleep that is crucial. it's called slow rate sleep. the nondream sleep. your waves are different with higher peaks and valleys.
2:44 am
>> that is transferring enemy res from a short-term location to a long-term location. >> we all heard of testing memory with dates and faces but researchers had them connect two different words and the theory is the ability to use unknown information edie clines with age. doctors asked to see if they could remember the word pairings after sleep. the patients with less sleep had a harder time remembering the word. >> if you have bad sleep your memory is worse. >> the good news no matter your age, doctors say there is a way to improve slow wave sleep and thus your memory. >> exercise, and maybe in relationship to sleep.deep slee. enter -- enter -- exercise can
2:45 am
increase the amount of time you spend in this sleep. >> the scientists say it's a bad idea to exercise just before bed. leigh glaser is checking off -- our weather. >> leigh: high clouds moving across the bay area. you can see some of them just off the coast. so from time to time we'll see high clouds drift by, and also pockets of dense fog forming in the north bay, and it's going to be widespread. super bowl, new orleans, 66 degrees, mick tour of sun and clouds, cold air mass moves into minneapolis. 15 there southern california, been hit with showers today but tomorrow, bring on the sunshine. los angeles, 74. 80 for palm springs. san diego, 69. last -- fresno, 6 5. and tahoe, sunshine, 49 degrees. here's a look ahead. the accuweather seven day
2:46 am
forecast. we're pretty good for super bowl sunday. temperatures in the 60s for sunday and monday, and then tuesday, the cooling will begin. we'll thicken the clouds wednesday and thursday. look at thursday and friday. daytime highs only in the mid-to-upper 50s. yes, a big weather change, the latter part of next week. we'll bring you cold showers thursday night and friday, and really cool down into so enj0s. so enjoy tomorrow. >> ama: i hope the city of stock tan has an appetite because a restaurant there could be making california's biggest cheese burger, 275-pounds of meat went into a 48-inch bound covered in 14 pounds of cheese, a whopping 349-pounds. soul home does it take to eat this huge burg center the owner of the grill says even the teams playing in tomorrow's super bowl couldn't finish it by themselves. >> that's a huge burger.
2:47 am
>> rick kiwanis. >> in for mike shumann. he is -- i'm taking the sports the rest of the week. coming up, i'll give you my super bowl prediction and for the third straight game, the shark goes to a shootout. would their unbeaten streak continue? >> ama: and abc7 is the only place to watch the oscars on february 24th. you can start getting ready with our oscars app. check out the my picks feature and keep track of your fa
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>> who is going to win the super bowl tomorrow? will, trent dillner has played for both the 49ers and ravens. >> i think the 49ers are the superior team. the best team doesn't always win. but if the niners don't mess it
2:51 am
i think they win this game. not easily. i don't think anything is easy, but i impose their will and win the game. >> the pro football hall of fame named the class of 2013. eddy debartolo did not get the cup but the red and gold were represented. larry allen spent most of his career with the cowboys but played his final two seasons with san francisco. allen was from sonoma ma state. >> the raiders were represent bed warren zap p, playing four seasons with the silver and black. his 96-1/2 sacks are mo second most for a defensive tackle and made the pro bowl seven times. >> my feet haven't touched the ground for 30 minutes. this is up believable. we play the ultimate team spirit and -- team sport. >> he -- broke down and started crying. >> big honor for a big man. joining sapp and allen are kris
2:52 am
carter, culp, and dave around binson, and offensive tackle jonathan ogden, the ravens' first ever draft pick, and bill parcells. >> the sharks have not tasted defeat after seven games this season but all good things must come to an end. san jose and nashville with scoreless after one. sharks had a golden opportunity in the second but the shot went in so celebrates instead of putting in the rebound. that would prove to be costly. pavlik did fine the net in the third and tieses up. but for the third straight contest the sharks win the shoot you this time they would lose. san jose still gets a point but drops to 7-0-1. after sitting out the last two games with a twisted ankle, curry was back in the warriors'
2:53 am
lineup. golden state, hosting phoenix. curry's ankle held up just fine, thank you. he buries the 3 here. he had 10 at the break. here goes bogut helped the bark to barnes. he had 21. third quarter now, curry on the break, the hoop and the foul. after trail big four at the half, golden state wins. david lee goes back door curry for the reverse, curry, a game-high 29. warriors win by 20, their fourth straight vic. >> now to college hoops. oregon played a visit. tied 594 late in the game. cal takes the lead. with under send seconds to play, singler puts up the 3. the bear defense comes up big and gets the ball back on a jump ball possession. the fans stormed the court.
2:54 am
the bears now 13-8. over in moraga, these young fans got to enjoy a laugher against portland. it was all gaels, and matthew with the steal. scored a game, high 23. st. marys by 21 at the break. gets worse for the pilots. the gaels win their seventh straight, 77-42. improve to 19-4. in other wcc action, usf at pepperdine, the dons trailed by feign city half but got hot from 3-point land. check out this steal by do lan with the layup. usf with the 86-78 victory. >> santa clara and utah facing byu. the broncos came in with a five-game win streak. the cougars broke it open in the second half. hall with 24.
2:55 am
santa clara loses 96-79. dropping to 5-4 in the conference. an this abc7 sports report about to you by river rock casino. tomorrow, coach harbaugh will walk off with the victory. >> i like your prediction. >> the harbaugh -- >> oh, that's right! >> jim harbaugh, all right. all right. >> that's is for this edition of abc7 news. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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